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4 things to consider before going all out for UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone

The return to the Octagon for Conor “The Notorious” McGregor has been what many fight fans have been waiting for and a fan favourite will stand across from him in Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone. No matter where you reside in New York City, bet-ny have got you covered!

The fight between these two arguably champions at UFC 246 has many fans excited for the first UFC pay-per-view of 2020. However, the matchup has oddsmakers favouring the Irishman. While UFC President Dana White admitted McGregor wants this to be the first of his upcoming three fights in the new year and also feels Cerrone is being severely overlooked.

When looking and considering plans for the matchup with a polarizing figure like McGregor fighting against a veteran like Cerrone, here as the four things that need to be considered before any final conclusion as written up by Tyler P. Williams of gooner news

1. McGregor’s idle hands

While Conor McGregor has been battling it out and working on his entrepreneurial endeavours and legal issues, Donald Cerrone, on the hands, has been in the ring fighting. However, both men have bounced between 170 and 155 but there is something to be said for their past activity and recent activity.

Sure, it’s no denying that Cerrone has lost his last two fights, but he is heading into the ring on the back of back-to-back losses before and returned better. Same cannot be said of McGregor.

2. The flipside of not being idle

On the hand of being idle, being active in combat sports comes with its share of damage. Fighting as often as Cerrone has been doing comes with all the damage that can add up to a fighter’s performance over time. Tagged as “anytime, anywhere” by his fans, it could also be his undoing. His fight opponent may not have fought since 2018 but that’s also time his body has had to rest and return to action at the right time of which Cerrone can’t, and probably would rather not say the same.

3. Losses are lessons to some and nothing to others

With Donald Cerrone’s record, how he has handled his back-to-back losses speaks highly of him. While Conor McGregor has also bounced back from losses, the Irishman seems to lose by submission when he does lose. As seen in his last outings, one kneebar and two chokes reveal the former two-belt world champion has a weakness on the ground. It then remains to be seen whether McGregor’s brown belt in jiu-jitsu be enough against Cerrone’s black belt?

4. Age ain’t nothing but a number

“Time is undefeated” is a popular line from Creed as directed by Ryan Coogler, holds true in the real world of combat sports as it takes everyone out. Cerrone has a lot of well-rounded experience on his side, but he’s heading into the ring as the older man in this bout. Adding this fact to the Cowboy facing a well-rested former two-division champion in McGregor and perhaps fans can see why the Irishman somehow is every bookmarker odds favourite for this fight.

Although, anything is bound to happen once the cage door closes and all question will certainly, be answered at UFC 246 but, who do you have winning the main event?

Tyler P. Williams – a gooner news publisher!

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