Frankie Edgar earned himself a clean sweep on the judges scorecards against Urijah Faber at UFC Fight Night 66 today in Manila to strengthen his claim for another shot at the featherweight title.

Round One:

The two circle each other to start the main event. Faber with a leg kick after thinking better of a knee. He tries an overhand but it misses. He fires of a punch to set off a takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed.

Edgar with an uppercut. He starts to work the jab. Edgar picking his moments to strike. Faber lands a leg kick. Edgar with one of his own. Faber targets the body. He connects with a left hand.

Edgar in aggressively with a nice punch combo and tries a spinning body kick. Faber with an overhand.

They come in close and Faber lands an overhand, but misses a knee. Faber missing with a hook and Edgar looks for a leg kick. Edgar with an uppercut.

Whopping overhand from Faber, but Edgar takes it no problem. Edgar with a kick high to the body. The former lightweight champion in on the clinch now and has Faber’s back. Faber being warned not to hold the fence. Edgar tries to launch him to the mat, but doesn’t pay off and soon after they separate.

Edgar with a jab. Faber steps in on a leg kick. Punch from Faber and a kick in reply from Edgar. Edgar with a high body kick.

Right hand sneaks through for Edgar to meet Faber’s chin. Uppercut from Faber. Edgar tries a front kick to the face that misses and Faber also comes up short with a counter hook to end a competitive opening round.

Round Two:

Faber with a body kick. He steps in with a good knee. Uppercut from Edgar and a front kick to the body.

Edgar with a spinning kick to the body that misses and Faber tries to take his back, but Edgar spins away quickly out of danger.

Edgar with a kick that Faber partially catches but can’t use before it’s pulled away. faber tries a right hand, but Edgar unleashes a short flurry and a head kick attempt in reply.

Faber comes up short with a hook and eats a counter. faber lands to the body. Edgar with a light leg kick. Left hook from Faber. Another kick from Edgar is almost caught.

Right hand for Edgar gets through and Faber swipes a counter at him. Faber drills a couple of blows to Edgar’s head then backs away.

Nice overhand lands for Edgar. He tries a head kick, but misses. Good left and a right from Faber, but Edgar punches in to respond.

leg kick for Edgar. Both men bounce around looking for the right opportunity to exchange. Faber throws out a hook. Edgar with a short right as Faber ducks in. Lunging shot from Faber is met by a nice uppercut from Edgar.

Two strike combo for Edgar and he seems to be doing a good job of reading Faber’s attacks and countering them at this stage in the fight.

Round Three:

Front kick to the face for Edgar just grazes Edgar’s face. Edgar staying busy with quick punches. Faber with a left hook counter.

Faber looking to flurry and eats a body shot. Spinning kick upstairs from Faber. Edgar’s got the higher output at this stage and then he changes things up with a sudden takedown attempt and he gets it, but has to be careful as Faber is looking for a potential guillotine.

Edgar away from that submission and they are back upright, but Edgar stays on Faber and pulls him down again. Faber soon back up, but still with Edgar working hard against the cage with around two minutes to go.

Edgar gets him down again and almost gets mount, but Faber shifts quickly and stands again. Relentless work from Edgar though, giving him very little room to operate. However, Edgar suddenly stumbles and has to back away and get back to striking range.

Faber with a left hand. Edgar with a body kick. Edgar doubles up on the jab with both landing. Edgar targets the body with a punch. Faber not really letting his hands go like he needs to. Edgar tries a jumping kick that doesn’t connect to end the round.

Round Four:

Edgar pumping out the jab. He throws out a few punches and then lands a body kick. Faber with a head kick attempt that doesn’t pay off. Edgar looking the busier of the two as he comes forward with a few straight punches.

A left, a right and a front kick to the body for Edgar. a leg kick now that Faber almost catches. Faber with an overhand right and Edgar lands a one-two. Faber needs to put together combos, but that’s more Edgar’s game than his.

Edgar with a good right hand. Faber comes up short with hooks and instead lands a kick to the leg and body.

Faber tries for the body with a punch but misses. He tries to wing an overhand right but misses and tries for a takedown, but nothing doing.

Edgar swiftly in on a takedown of his own. Credit to Faber though who stands up against the cage. Edgar pretty much has his back and lands a few punches. Faber does well to spin away though and moves away.

A minute to go in the round. Faber tries a knee and misses. Left hand connects for Faber in close. Edgar with light shots and Faber lands a jab as the round ends.

Round Five:

Final round then. Edgar with a leg kick. Faber tries a short flurry of punches. Edgar with a high kick attempt that comes up short as does Faber with one to the body.

Faber still a bit hesitant with his strikes and Edgar just stays busy and utilizes a lot of movement. He times Faber well and lands a short combo with an uppercut really finding it’s home.

Edgar into the clinch and is able to dump Faber to the mat against the cage. Faber straight back up but eats a couple of punches on the way.

Faber ducks under a punch and comes back up with a two-piece combination. Faber with a couple of punches and one from Faber. Faber lands an overhand right. Uppercut from Edgar.

90 seconds to go. Edgar tries a knee and slips to the mat, but gets right back up.

Edgar connecting with the double jab. Faber trying to load up with a punch, but Edgar counters and lands a nice uppercut.

Faber with a high kick attempt that misses. Edgar tries one of his own. Right hand from Edgar lands and that’s it, this one’s headed to the judges.


The first round of this fight was reasonably close, but from then on Edgar gradually started to get the better of Faber with a higher volume of strikes, good counters and even a few brief takedowns thrown in for good measure which ultimately results in him being awarded a clean sweep on the judges scorecards (50-45 x3).

Good stuff from Edgar, one of the most consistent fighters in the game.

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