In a war of words that began on Friday, Daniel Cormier had claimed that he was going to come to opening of a new Jacksons MMA gym in New Mexico to challenge Jon Jones to a wrestling match as their rivalry intensifies ahead of an expected title rematch next year, but it seems that he eventually thought better of the idea.

Clearly Jones had been antcipating Cormier’s arrival though and began taunting Cormier on Saturday.

“Too pussy to fight at the garden but flies all the way to Albuquerque to prove he’s a man #Scratchingmyhead you on your way pussy?” Jones inquiried on Twitter.

The hours ticked by and it became apparent that Cormier was going to be a no-show, and so Jones couldn’t resist taking a verbal jab at him.

“Thank you to all the people of ABQ who came out to support the Grand opening. Sorry you guys didn’t get a chance to meet my belt sitter #505” Jones wrote.

Finally Cormier responded, apparently looking to inject some humor into the conversation.

“I’m here they won’t let me in!” DC wrote alongside a picture of a clearly photoshopped picture of his head next to a Jackson’s MMA sign. “Next time he has to come to the Bay!”

Jones wasn’t seeing the funny side of it though.

“Did this idiot seriously just Photoshop a photo?” Jones asked. “Funny how not one of the thousand people who SHOWED UP saw you today. #Patheticattempt”

And with one final taunt, likening Cormier to a character from 90’s comedy show ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’, Jones called it quits.

“I’m done talking with you for now Carlton Banks. You are losing this battle, let’s just prepare for the real one. #Unbelievable #NiceTry”