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Skip Bayless Outs Himself As A Clueless Baffoon With Regards To MMA

Skip Bayless, hang your heads in shame!

MMA fans who already suspected that the FOX Sports 1 talking head knew nothing about the sport were offered ample evidence on the latest edition of the ‘Skip And Shannon: Undisputed’ show.

Discussing Conor McGregor’s first fight with Nate Diaz last year, Bayliss and Sharpe outed themselves as being two completely clueless buffoons who have no business being on TV discussing a sport that they clearly don’t even have a basic understanding of.

“Speaking of fighting a bigger man, a guy who outweighed him by – I’m going to guess – 40 pounds and had, what, 5 inches of reach on him and got him on the ground,”
Bayless said of McGregor’s struggles to deal with Diaz at UFC 196. “It’s called wrestling – sumo style wrestling. And he just pinned him. He pinned him.”

[Ah yes folks, Nate Diaz – that well known sumo wrestler.]

“How did he get him on the ground?” Sharpe continued. “He put them things on him first to knock him down and then jumped him.

“He didn’t knock him down,”
Bayless replied. “He got a hold of him and dragged him down.”

[Actually guys, Diaz had started to get the upperhand in the striking battle, so McGregor tried to take him down. However, the attempt was easily stuffed by Diaz, enabling him to get on top.]

Bayless would then go on to claim that McGregor had punched Diaz into submission in their rematch, which is an interesting take on the fight, given that it actually ended by majority decision.

Watch the entire exchange in all of it’s cringe-inducing glory below.

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