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Andrei Arlovski Has No Plans To Retire Despite Now Being 40 Years Old

UFC heavyweight star Andrei Arlovski turned 40 back in February, but despite now having fought for almost exactly 20 years he’s not planning on hanging up his gloves.

“My first jiu-jitsu coach, Dino Costeas, told me discipline is remembering what you want,” Arlovski told “F—k, every day when I wake up, I remember what I want, why I am doing this f—ng over and over at age 40 and one of the oldest guys in the UFC still in this, still going. … It’s just a number.

“You can feel like that [if you want to], but I’m pretty much one of the first guys who comes and pretty much one of the last ones who leave the gym, I have at least two or three workouts a day. So I’m good, I feel good.”

Arlovski fights against Augusto Sakai this weekend at UFC Fight Night 150, but though his opponent is 13 years is junior, ‘The Pitbull’ points to other veteran stars who have fought well into their 40’s as proof that age is just a number.

“I have a good example. In boxing, George Foreman became champion at age 46, of course, and Randy Couture, it didn’t matter that he was fighting at 40 years old. Dan Henderson. There’s a lot of guys, so it doesn’t matter. It’s just a number. Age is f—ng just a number. It depends how you feel inside, and I’m a happy guy.

“I love this. I’m doing what I love to do and my wife lets me do what I love to do. She supports me all the time, she’s an [incredible] lady, so I’m a happy person, fighter, and father.”

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