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Dana White Still Wants Conor McGregor To Fight Khabib Nurmagomedov Next

In an interview earlier this week Khabib Nurmagomedov made it clear he’s opposed to fighting Conor McGregor any time soon, but Dana White still thinks that is the fight to make.

Speaking to TMZ, White brushed aside Khabib’s claim that McGregor is ducking tough opponents and suggested that it’s just the continued bad blood between the two fighters that’s fueling the champion’s comments.

“First of all, Conor does not hand pick all of his opponents,” White told TMZ.

“Conor McGregor has fought everybody that we’ve asked him to fight and whose been available. I mean, guys have pulled out on Conor two or three times. Conor literally went to the gym and said, ‘tell me who I’m fighting’.

“They hate each other! If you think you’re going to do an interview with Khabib and he’s going to say great things about Conor McGregor, it’s never going to happen.

“And if you interview Conor McGregor he’s never going to say great things about Khabib, they hate each other.”

White went on to confirm that Khabib vs McGregor II is the fight he wants to make happen, if Nurmagomedov gets past Tony Ferguson in April, though he claims that ‘The Notorious’ might yet have other plans, depending on the timescale.

“I don’t know if Conor wants to wait for him. We’ll see what happens. Conor might not wait.”

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