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Ed Herman Defeats Khadis Ibragimov By Decision At UFC Fight Night 163

Ed Herman earned a unanimous decision victory over Khadis Ibragimov tonight at UFC Fight Night 163.

Round One:

Right hand from Ibragimov in an early exchange. Both fighters start teeing off with Ibragimov being particularly aggressive.

Ibragimov clinches up against the cage. Uppercut from him. Herman threatens with a knee upstairs. Elbows and knees being thrown here.

Ibragimov attempts a takedown, but it’s stuffed. More knees from Herman. Knee to the leg from Ibragimov. Another knee for good measure from Herman.

Ibragimov bleeding now from these knees. Now they exchange knees to the leg. Finally they break free.

Kick from Herman. Jab from Ibragimov. Now a leg kick for Herman. Big punch lands for Ibragimov. He immediately goes back for a kick.

Herman looking a bit tired now. Ibragimov works back into the cage clinch. Herman with an elbow and pushes his opponent away.

Jab for Ibragimov as the round comes to a close.

Round two:

Clipping left hook for Herman. Kick for Ibragimov. Another leg kick from Herman and a counter body punch from Ibragimov.

Right hand over the top from Ibragimov. Right hand lands from Ibragimov but Herman moves into the clinch against the cage.

They break apart. Jab from Ibragimov. He takes a deep breath. left hand for Ibragimov and then a few aggressive punches behind it. Both fighters tap their chins at each other to suggest their toughness.

Ibragimov landing again down the pipe. Herman connecting too. Two more punches from Ibragimov and Herman lumbers into the clinch against the cage.

Knee upstairs from Herman. Herman pulls Ibragimov’s head down and lands a knee there.

Ibragimov able to reverse the clinch now and thinking about a takedown. Herman counters with another knee.

Ibragimov back to the center of the cage and is blowing blood out of his nose and looking exhausted.

Herman launches into a knee and then the clinch. Ibragimov reverses the clinch. Both men very tired.

Punch lands for Ibragimov back in striking range. Herman clips him with a punch as the round ends. Ibragimov absolutely exhausted here and Herman tired too.

Round Three:

Jab for Herman. Overhand from Ibragimov. Herman stepping forward with a punch and then a looping counter from Ibragimov.

leg kick from Herman. jab from Ibragimov. Labored punches from Herman and a straight down the middle from Ibragimov.

Both men exchanging and then Ibragimov gets hold of a single leg. Herman hops over to the cage. Takedown attempt and Herman drops down trying for a triangle, but Ibragimov stands back up and is still in the clinch.

Knees to the body from Herman. Now a guillotine attempt from Herman that allows him to reverse the clinch and lands a knee to the head. Now another. A third lands, but then Ibragimov gets back into the dominant clinch position.

Ibragimov with a takedown now with 90 seconds to go. Herman working elbows from the bottom and Ibragimov is bleeding quite heavily now from the face.

Not much work from Ibragimov here, stuck in Herman’s full guard, but then he passes to side control, only for Herman to get back up and drive into the cage looking for a takedown of his own.

Ibragimov reverses and tries to lands a few more punches as Herman does likewise.


Herman’s good work from knees and elbows in the clinch and having the bigger gas tank helped him earn a unanimous decision victory here (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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