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Holly Holm Grinds To Decision Victory Over Raquel Pennington At UFC 246

Holly Holm earned another victory over Raquel Pennington at UFC 246 tonight by adopting a grinding clinch strategy for much of the three-rounder.

Round One:

Pennington going for an early leg kick. Superman punch attempt from Pennington. Oblique kick from Holm. Right hand gets through for Pennington.

Holm sticking the jab out and works the oblique kick again. Brief flurry of punches from Holm. Now one from Pennington, but Holm clinches up and presses ‘Rocky’ to the cage.

Holm holding position and landing a few punches. More punches from Holm as Pennington also fires back a single knee.
A couple of solid punches for Holm, but then Pennington manages to reverse the clinch. However, Holm shows her strength to quickly regain the advantageous position here.

Again Pennington manages to drive away and look to give Holm a taste of her own medicine, but as the round is ending Holm is working a guillotine choke.

Round Two:

Holm looking for the side kick to the knee straight away. Leg kick for Holm and one in return from Pennington. Holm punches to the body and then presses Pennington into the clinch against the cage.

A few punches from Holm. Pennington reverses the position and then Holm returns the favor. Again Pennington does it, but Holm just seems to be the stronger fighter in this clinch and keeps cancelling it out when ‘Rocky’ looks to get anything going.

The crowd are booing now and Holm seems to respond soon afterwards with a punch and kick to the body as she backs away from the clinch.

Pennington looking to strike now, but it’s not long before Holm goes back to that clinch position against the cage.

A few punches to the body from Holm here now. Pennington trying to reverse and manages to land a nice knee to the body before Holm takes control again. Knee to the body from Pennington as Holm backs up and lands a side kick to the body. Pennington rushes her into the cage as the round ends.

Round Three:

Left hand gets through for Holm. She throws it again. One-two for Pennington. Pennington clinching up this time but they soon separate.

Pennington goes for the leg kick. jab for Holm as ‘Rocky’ comes forward. Head kick attempt from Holm is blocked.

Pennington drives into the clinch now, which seems a dubious strategy given the previous two rounds and sure enough Holmy quickly reverses.

Side kick to the body for Holm as they go back to striking range. Now a head kick attempt that misses. Side kick to the knee now.

Good left hand for Holm and then a right. Left for Pennington now. Pennington drives forward with another left hand and then bundles Holm to the mat for a moment, but Holm is soon back up and into the clinch against the cage.

Holm tries for a trip takedown, but it doesn’t pay off. Pennington manages to land a couple of knees to the body. The ref opts to separate the two.

Nice series of punches from Holm and then goes back to the clinch. The crowd boo’s and Holm backs off. Pennington attempts a high kick. Pennington gets a left hand and then tries for a clinch of her own that as usual doesn’t pay off.

Holm backs off again. Pennington lands a punch and that’s the final action of the fight.


No doubt about the winner here as Holm grinds her way to a unanimous decision victory from the clinch (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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