Luke Rockhold TKO’s Keith Jardine Inside The First Round To Retain Strikeforce Title

Luke Rockhold took less than a round to absolutely demolish a game Keith Jardine tonight in the Strikeforce cage.

Jardine actually started the fight fairly brightly, throwing some full-blooded punches and connecting with a few, though Rockhold took them well.

Fired up by his early start Jardine motioned for Rockhold to come at him, and got an immediate response with the champion delivering a well placed spinning kick to his stomach.

Rockhold began to turn up the heat as the round progressed and momentarily dropped the former UFC fighter with a right hand behind the ear.

Jardine got back to his feet and seemed ok, but he wouldn’t be for long. Rockhold continued to press forward and after just missing with a left landed a clean right hook that floored him. Jardine got up to a knee but appeared to be dazed and wasn’t defending himself while Rockhold fired off a number of blows to his face.

Attempting to stand up Jardine was then met with another big right hand that sent him crashing back down to the canvas.

The referee is practically on top of the two men now, but gives Jardine every opportunity to mount a recovery, but with Rockhold now blasting off more strikes and his opponent not defending himself the fight is brought to an end with 4.26mins on the clock.

Rockhold looked good here and this was just the kind of definitive finish he needed to establish himself as a genuine star in the making for Strikeforce.

As for Jardine, again the fragility of his chin was brought into question, and after taking another large amount of punishment you have to wonder how when the battle-weary 36 year-old is going to see the writing on the wall and hang up his gloves.


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