Watch UFC 141 For FREE On XBox Live

Do you want to watch one of the most eagerly anticipated MMA events of the year for free?

Well if you’ve got access to an XBox 360 then you’re in luck as it’s just been announced that the UFC 141: Lesnar Vs Overeem show will be airing via their newly launched UFC app.

All you have to do is log in to Xbox Live and download the UFC app…that’s it!

You’ll then have access to the full event on Friday, December 30th which is headlined by a titanic heavyweight showdown between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem with a probably ‘Fight Of The Night’ clash between Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone occupying the co-main event berth.

It’s a bold move by the UFC as Lesnar is the promotion’s biggest pay-per-view draw, regularly able to pull in excess of one million viewers. Though they may take a hit on the numbers as a result of this it will certainly spread awareness of the new service on Xbox 360 fast and that may should pay dividends in the future.

In addition to allowing fans to buy and view UFC events live from this point forward the app also gives access to other UFC content and allows users to make your picks for the fights and share them with your friends.


Unfortunately it’s emerged that this was a limited offer with only the first 25,000 people having access to the free content. You can still watch it on Xbox Live, but you’ll now have to pay the standard pay-per-view rate I’m afraid.

Update 2:

Looks like those who missed out will be getting a second chance. Just follow the twitter account below to be updated when it happens…

“Due to overwhelming demand, additional free Pay-Per-Views for UFC 141 will be released prior to the event. Keep following for more details.” – @UFConXboxLIVE

Update 3:

Read the comments section for ongoing updates on problems related to the XboxLive coverage of UFC 141.


  1. I downloaded the app but it said the fight was sold out.. how do I watch it for free? Is it just going to show on the 30th? And will it be just the lesnar fight or all the under cards too?

  2. Sorry Jason, it emerged later in the day after the article was published that this was limited to only the first 25,000 customers. However there’s apparently going to be more chances to win as the event approaches so follow @UFConXboxLIVE on Twitter to find out when. Good luck!

  3. I haven’t seen any more updates about it Justin I’m afraid. If they do intend to release more freebies as they originally stated then they’ll need to hurry up about it as the event is only a day away.

  4. As a longtime ufc fan I’m pissed. I have been buying ufc for the last 10 years give or take an event and these ppv events arnt cheap. And I bet half the ppl on xbox live just excepted the free ticket because it was free. They probably won’t watch it. It should b free for everyone who wants to watch it this is major bullshit Dana white we are in a recession and they except us to pay 50 bucks a fight

  5. It says sold out on xbox app it has zero next to the price does that mean its free or how do I know if I get it for free

  6. Sorry guys, I’ve not heard anything more about the XBox situation. They said there would be more opportunities to get free tickets but as far as I’m aware that hasn’t been the case.

    I believe you can still buy the card and watch it on Xbox Live though. In the meantime the prelims are just about ready to go and can be watched at

  7. Update from the ufconxboxlive twitter account:

    “Additional free promo tickets for UFC 141 will be available shortly. We’ll let you know as soon as they are…please standby.”

    They’ve left it really late so if you want to get in on this then get on xboxlive quickly and be ready to go or you’ll miss out.

  8. The 5,000 passes have now sold out and I’m afraid that was your last chance to see the event without having to pay.

    Apparently the service is taking a bit of a hammering due to high demand so it’s not been the smooth launch the UFC had been hoping for. Fingers crossed they’ll get the technical issues sorted before the main card starts in an hours time.

  9. Due to technical difficulties with the XBoxLive service people are now being advised to prepare to watch UFC 141 either over the internet on PC or via your cable provider.

    The Xbox bods are continuing to work on the problem though so they may still get it up and running eventually.

  10. WTF? I got this in the original 25000 even got the email from Microsoft saying “thanks for purchasing UFC 141 and now I can’t even sign into the damn app? This is a joke, it still says on the Xbox live dashboard “get UFC 141 for free” they need to take that down because it’s clogging the obviously tiny servers they had set up for this. What were they expecting?

  11. Wow! This thing really backfired! I doubt this is the publicity that they were hoping for when they offered the free passes! Still hoping for a last minute fix ;)

  12. I got the free fight about two weeks ago. I recently got back to the app yesterday, how do i know if i am gonna be able to watch the fight. I longer see the countdown does that mean i lost the free fight on my xbox?

  13. The fights were live on Friday night Matt. Unfortunately there was technical problems so as far as I’m aware no-one was actually able to watch it.


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