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Donald Cerrone Both Stunned And Impressed By Conor McGregor’s Shoulder Strikes

Donald Cerrone has seen just about everything in the sport during his long career, but ‘Cowboy’ has admitted he was caught completely off-guard by the shoulder strikes that sent Conor McGregor on a swift path to victory during their headlining fight at UFC 246 in Las Vegas this past Saturday night.

“Oh man, he got me with his elbows right away and distorted the s*it out of me and then head-kicked me,” Cerrone said after the fight. “What a great game plan he had, man it was awesome.

“….100 percent, I’d never seen anything like that,” Cerrone continued. “They threw me way off-guard, he busted my nose, it started bleeding, then he stepped back and head-kicked me. I was like, ‘Oh man, this is happening this fast? I got my ass whipped early.’

“I love this sport, I’m a keep fighting. I don’t care, it’s just what I love, man. I got my family right here, I’m okay. Thank you everyone for supporting me over the years, I love it, I don’t know what else to say.”

Meanwhile, backstage McGregor was clearly relishing the fact that he’d demonstrated more to his game than some of his critics have given him credit for.

“You know they say I’ve just got a left hand,” McGregor told the assembled media. “They’ll have to say I’ve just got a left shoulder as well. A left hand and a left shoulder. The so-called experts of the game, when they’re breaking down my skillset, they’ll be saying I’m just a fighter with a left hand, which is highly disrespectful and uneducated.

“You’d be surprised at so many of the supposedly knowledgeable people, they’ll be claiming it as that. It’s a good shot in the clinch. You can really catch a man. I know I caught him the first one off-guard, and I caught him with one or two more and when we separated, the nose and the eye was busted.”

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