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Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos Taps Out Curtis Millender Quickly At UFC Fight Night 146

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos kept his impressive winning streak rolling tonight with a swift submission victory over Curtis Millender at UFC Fight Night 146.

Round One:

Left hand for Dos Santos and then a body kick. Now he lands a quick takedown and we’re less than 30 seconds into the fight. Millender has a guillotine choke, but EZS is easily getting out of that and is in half guard looking to lands some strikes.

Elbow lands for EZS. Another elbow drops down. Millender looks to scramble back to his feet as EZS works to improve his position. Millender almost free, but Dos Santos pounces on his back and works for a submission.

Millender survives that rear-naked choke, but then EZS is in mount, then transitioning to the back again and quickly sinks in the rear-naked choke. It’s really tight this time palm-to-palm and Millender isn’t getting out of that and is forced to tap at 2.35mins!

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