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Nevada Parts Ways With Notorious Commissioner Pat Lundvall

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will part ways with the notorious lawyer Pat Lundvall at the end of this month in a move that’s sure to be welcomed by the MMA community.

“I have served three terms for a total of nine years with the NAC,” Lundvall wrote to “I considered every minute of it as a privilege and an honor.”

Lundvall has often been criticized for the heavy-handed way she’s dealt with MMA fighters at NSAC hearings over the years, proving to be a thorn in the flesh of several high-profile stars.

For instance, just a few weeks ago it was Lundvall who suggested that Conor McGregor be fined a whopping $150,000 for throwing a bottle at Nate Diaz at a pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas prior to UFC 202 in August, despite the Nevada Attorney General’s original recommendation being a $25,000 fine.

It was also Lundvall who championed the idea of suspending Nick Diaz for life for a third marijuana violation last year, though she eventually settled for a five-year ban instead.

Those decisions have won Lundvall few fans in the sport, and have also attracted unfavorable media attention, particularly with the Diaz situation which even led to celebrities like Cher, Jeremy Piven, Wiz Khalifa and Katt Williams protesting at the overly-harsh punishment.

As a result, Diaz’s sentence was later negotiated down to 18 months after settlement talks.

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