The growing tension between TJ Dillashaw and Urijah Faber shows no sign of dying down after the UFC bantamweight champion left Faber’s Team Alpha Male camp in San Diego in order to go train at Elevation Fight Team in Colorado.

Speaking on the MMA Hour radio show yesterday, Dillashaw confirmed that he’s no longer welcome at the Team Alpha Male gym and points the finger firmly at Faber for that decision.

“I thought it was going to (be) a little bit easier,” Dillashaw said of his announcement that he’d be leaving the team. “You really find out who people are when you’ve got to make these kinds of decisions. I thought guys on the team, everyone actually did take it that way, but I feel that Urijah took it a little bit harder than I thought he would.

“He took it pretty hard and I was actually forced out of the gym. I’m not allowed to work out at Alpha Male anymore because of the decision I made.”

Faber had already confirmed as much in a separate interview on Team Alpha Male Radio late last week, saying that Dillashaw had made a “big-boy decision”.

“[Dillashaw] wants to walk away from the team,” Faber stated. “That doesn’t mean you get to come in here and help coach the guys when he’s really going to be watching to see a little opening here or there.”

Clearly Faber is thinking ahead to the fact that, with Dillashaw no longer training under the TAM roof, that a fight between them may now become a reality.

Dillashaw is aware it’s a possibility too, and had no doubts he’d win if they did step into the Octagon together, replying “absolutely” when asked about it.

“[Faber] is obviously looking for a big fight in his career,” Dillashaw said. “I’ll be the last statement on his career if that [happens], but it’s not the way I really want to do it. Most likely [I’d agree to fight him]. I don’t want to have to fight Urijah. It’s not something I want to have to do. I love the guy, [but] the ball is in his court.”