Steve Bosse Bests Sean O’Connell In Classic Brawl At UFC Fight Night 89

Steve Bosse

Steve Bosse and Sean O’Connell turned in a classic three round toe-to-toe brawl tonight at UFC Fight Night 89, with former hockey enforcer Bosse emerging the victor on the scorecards.

Round One:

Bosse fires off a few punches. Bosse with an oblique kick and then lands a big punch, but O’Connell shows a willingness to trade with him and his hard shots in return back Bosse up for now.

It’s not long before Bosse is back looking to land with his heavy hands. Again the two look to trade heavy leather and again O’Connell ends up getting the better off it, sending Bosse’s head snapping back with his blows, then continuing to unload as his opponent hits reverse gear, flooring Bosse with repeated left hands.

Bosse almost finished, but he shows good powers of recovery to survive that and get back to his feet. No change in strategy for the former Hockey enforcer though, with Bosse continuing to look to get into firefights. He’s got a heck of chin, but he can’t continue to take big shots like this.

More huge shots being traded, and O’Connell is showing his toughness too as he’s been blasted with some serious punches. This one could end at any moment, but for now the two are headed for a second round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Bosse. Then it’s back to the crazy toe-to-toe action again with both men just winging punches at each others head. O’Connell wisely decides this isn’t the best idea and barrels forward into the clinch and presses Bosse to the cage.

He lands a knee to the midsection. Bosse almost suprises him with a takedown, but O’Connell keeps his balance. Bosse stuffing a takedown attempt.

Bosse gets away from the clinch and back to striking range after a brief flurry in close. Huge uppercut for Bosse, but O’Connell lands a hook too.

Another big punch for Bosse and O’Connell wobbles and soon after falls to the mat.

Bosse looking to land big ground and pound, but eats an upkick first. Bosse eventually moves to side control and lands some good hammerfists.

A minute left and Bosse still working in side control. O’Connell scrambles to his knee and then gets up. Bosse pushes him to the cage in the clinch. He lands a knee and then a right hand. A weary O’Connell marches him over to the other side of the cage as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Bosse takes a leg kick as he tries to wade in with strikes. Both men a bit more patient her in the third, but just as I say that they suddenly get wild again, trading hard punches back and forth with reckless abandon.

O’Connell wipes his bloodied nose and Bosse reaches out and touches gloves with him in show of respect.

Back to it they go and Bosse lands a punch, but then eats a harder one in return that gives him pause for thought. Spinning backfist lands for Bosse, but O’Connell takes it.

O’Connell looking tired and now soaked with blood from his nose, but he’s not giving an inch. More nasty strikes from both men while fighting in the phonebooth, with Bosse going back to that spinning backfist.

left hook for O’COnnell. Flurry of punches from Bosse and a counter hook from O’Connell that stung. Bosse steps in again with a punch and O’Connell looks for the clinch.

They jockey for position against the cage and then go back to striking range. More brutal punches land. How are these two crazy brawlers still standing?

Final seconds of the fight now and both men give a sign of respect to each other and O’Connell points to the mat. He wants to go at it toe-to-toe one last time, and Bosse gladly obliges, and both men eat a few more solid shots apiece until the final bell, at which point they embrace as the crowd gives them a hero’s reception for their bravery.


That was a classic slug-fest, and it’s a shame after putting their chins on the line for 15 minutes straight that one man has to lose, but the judges are unanimous in their decision that Bosse is the winner (29-28 x2, 29-27).

What a war!

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